About Lake Russell

Conveniently located about mid-point on Lake Russell, place these properties just within a few miles from Richard B. Russell State Park where you will find many activities for family and individual, including golf, disc golf, fishing, boating, water-skiing, rowing canoe and pedal boat rental, beach volleyball, swimming, hiking and bicycling with 6 miles of trails. Arrowhead Pointe, a new 18-hole golf course opened in August of 2004 is rated at the top 50 amateur courses in the country. “T” time is only 10 minutes from “your” lake lot. Many other beautiful and challenging golf courses are within a 15 to 30 minute drive from these properties.

Lake Russell covers over 26,250 acres at full pool level and having a shoreline of 550 miles results in a lake that is becoming a very popular public recreation area. You will certainly enjoy the excellent scenery as well as the abundant wildlife. If you're tired of crowded and overdeveloped lakes, then find out about Northeast Georgia's best kept secret. We, along with many, consider Lake Russell dam as the last great project of the 20 th century.

It is also our opinion that Russell is the cleanest, most pristine of all the southern lakes for these reasons:

Army Corp buffer around the lake, which means no storm water pollution and mud in the lake. This buffer is now in a 65 year old (average) stand of saw timber, is just beautiful. Maintaining vegetation along the shoreline, is important to prevent erosion, maintain good water quality, and provide necessary habitat for fish and wildlife. Vegetation helps hold soil in place and traps sediments and pollutants, providing an area where chemicals, pesticides, and fertilizers can decompose rather than flow directly into the lakes, adversely affecting water quality. A healthy vegetative buffer also shields water areas near the shoreline from extreme summer temperatures, providing cooler areas for aquatic life. Cooler areas hold more dissolved oxygen, which fish need to breathe. Shoreline vegetation provides food, cover, nesting, and sanctuary for animals and is essential to maintaining the natural beauty of the lakes.
Unlike surrounding lakes, the lake level remains relatively stable throughout the year, normally fluctuating no more than 2 to 3 feet from the normal pool elevation of 475' above sea level. Most of the other southern lakes have been down as much as 15' to 20' for years from drought conditions. For Lake Level data click on the following link: Lake Levels.
Very limited development is likely due to a very small amount of private land available. This results in a quaint rural setting in the middle of small towns with adequate goods and services that we all enjoy. Large cities such as Atlanta and Greenville SC are 60-90 minutes away in driving time.

To date, there are 23 boat ramps, along with many fishing piers, camping facilities, and access roads to all recreational areas in both Georgia and South Carolina. Also, a marina is located in the State Park in Calhoun Falls, SC and a full service marina off Beaverdam Creek, on the Georgia side of Lake Russell. Facilities include a restaurant/store, well-lighted parking, 24-hour video surveillance, gasoline, and restroom with shower, ADA access to dock, covered boat slips and pontoon boat rentals at affordable rates.

We, at Evergreen Properties, can only hope to share the excitement we feel and have shared with many owners who have come to love this lake as we do.

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